ALIX DERMA 3000 IceCool26 - 3 Wave Power

Fully automatic premium laser ALL In ONE
Diode laser 808nm + Alexandrite laser 755nm + Yag laser 1064nm

Professional permanent hair removal of all hair types Skin I - VI

4-fold cooling down to -26.8 degrees
24 hours continuous operation
handpiece power: max. 3500 Watt
very large spot: 12 x 28 mm²
save or print customer data
3 wavelengths: 755 nm + 808 nm + 1064 nm
fast working speed up to 20 Hz frequency
TÜV - FDA - ISO13485 - CE0123 - FDA510K

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Alix Lasers ® stands for innovative laser and light systems whose software is developed at our Swiss site. For more than 10 years, product quality has been measured against the current state of research and enriched by customer experience. As a result, we achieve optimal results in all treatments with our fully automated software.

Our products are oriented to the ravages of time and the highest technology, which allows us to offer our customers new and effective treatment options in the medical cosmetic field. Our customers benefit from safe as well as clinically proven technologies and treatments.

When you buy a cosmetic or medical laser from us, Alix Lasers ®, you benefit from many years of customer experience coupled with our expertise and excellent customer service.

Our experienced service team will be happy to advise you individually and directly on site. Extensive practical training is a matter of course for us, which is also available to you after purchase in many ways.

The wavelength used and also the pulse energy used ensure optimal results within an average of 3-6 treatments. The sliding process used here ensures painless treatment and long-lasting results. A modern menu navigation and a fairly compact handpiece ensure that the diode laser is relatively easy to use. The treatment will be very pleasantly calm and quiet for your customers, which of course further increases comfort. And the more relaxed your customer is, the more customer loyalty is promoted and maintained.

All SKIN Types and Hairs with 

Alex 755 nm wavelength
Low penetration depth compared to other methods. Wavelength rather for fine and light hair. Suitable for a wide variety of hair types and colors. The so-called alexandrite wavelength offers stronger energy absorption.

Speed 808nm wavelength
Medium penetration depth. The classic wavelength of hair removal devices. Half treatment time on average. Classic wavelengths in professional laser hair removal, the 808 nm wavelength.

Yag 1064nm wavelength
High penetration depth in comparison. Wavelength for darker skin and low lying hair. The Yag 1064 wavelength features lower melanin absorption, making it a focused solution for darker skin types. Especially for darker skin types.

Alix DERMA 3000 IceCool Pro – 3 wavelengths (755/808/1064 nm)

Exclusive Premium Laser 3 lasers in one device

Diode Laser – Alexandrite Laser – Yag Laser 

5-9 treatments until hair free

Professional permanent hair removal
all hair types Skin I – VI

25,000,000 million shot guarantee


Device power: 5000Watt
Handpiece power: 3500Watt
Very large spot: 15 x 25 mm²
3 wavelengths: 755nm + 808nm + 1064nm
fully automatic user guidance
Fast working speed up to 20 Hz frequency
short pulsed 3D USA laser bar
Medical approval
TÜV seal
FDA 510K
CE certificate

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